The Scheme

Te Puru Holiday Park has created an exciting opportunity for people to own their own slice of paradise. Purchase options within the Park enable families to preserve their treasured pastime of holidaying at the beach, in a welcoming community environment. Best of all, affordable prices mean the spectacular coast and bush surroundings can be enjoyed by a broad range of people, rather than just those few lucky one’s who can afford coastal property.

The Park has a management plan, grounds policy and camp rules in place for the safety and comfort of owners, occupiers and other Park users, information available at the park office.  Camp sites are a reasonable size, on average 100m² which provide plenty of room for a caravan, awning, car, and decks.  Site occupancy is limited to a maximum of 6 persons at any one time.

Enjoy generous holiday stays for you, your family and friends but not permanent residency.

Resource Consent and occupancy covenants do not allow permanent residence, i.e. you must have a permanent residence elsewhere where you do live.

Separate boat parking facilities and secure storage units available.

A reticulated sewage system services all sites in the Park, available to you by paying a connection fee of $2,500 plus annual service fee of $125, you organise your own qualified tradesman to connect.

Power is meter read and charged separately on a monthly basis.