An alternative option to Ownership is to rent a site at Te Puru Holiday Park on an annual basis. This enables you to retain your accommodation permanently on a site, and guarantee your spot. When occupying a site you have a designated number of stays allocated.  An annual levy for the regular up keep and maintenance of the grounds and facilities keeps the place looking good.  So all you have to do is enjoy yourself as soon as you arrive, no mowing lawns or trimming trees, just holidaying.

We offer two rental choices – the casual day-to-day option being phased out in 2021, (2021 pricing incl GST);

Term lease a site on an annual rollover lease.  This option gives you all the rights and privileges of use of the site as if you owned that site, i.e. extended stays for you and guests, but not rental return.  Term leases $6,000/annum.

Occupy casually on day-to-day term basis – pay an annual fee which retains that site for you as long as you continue to pay the annual fee.  Included in the fee is 50 x 2-person free-stay nights per year for you as the principal occupier (non-transferable).  Annual fee is $4,700.  Your children (5 to 14yrs) can have 50 nights also at $150 per annum per child (negotiable on circumstance), or pay per head per night as you go.  Under 4 years old are free.  Guests pay standard camp fees per head per night.

The above options are payable in advance (unless by other arrangement as agreed with management) and prices are reviewed annually.